«One should not steal what one does not want.» - Redlan


  • 01. The Evil that lies within (Part 1)
  • 02. The Evil that lies within (Part 2)
  • 03. The Evil that lies within (Part 3)
  • 04. The Evil that lies within (Part 4)
  • 05. The Evil that lies within (Part 5)
  • 06. Cypheroid
  • 07. The Surma Plan
  • 08. Cult of Darkness
  • 09. Negative Polarity
  • 10. The Evil Eye
  • 11. Primal Passions
  • 12. The Masterson Team
  • 13. Auger for ... President?

The Evil that lies within (Part 1)

When a huge amber monolith is discovered in the Big Sur National Park, only one human would have guessed that it doesn't contain the sekeleton of a long extinct dinosaur, but in fact the Inhumanoid D'Compose.

However, said human, named Blackthorne Shore is otherwise busy releasing Tendril, another Inhumanoid trapped in a solid stone prison deep under the earth.

When the amber monolith is presented to the public at the Shore Museum in San Fransisco, the members of the Earth Corps become eye witnesses when D'Compose breaks free from the monolith with the help of Tendril. The monsters disappear from the scene.

Following different tracks, Liquidator goes back to Big Sur, where he meets the Redwoods, who have already fought the Inhumanoids and warn him about their possible intentions to free their leader Metlar.

Dr. Bright investigates the drilling shaft and discovers Tendril's prison, but is nearly killed by Blackthorne Shore who cuts his saftey rope and has the shaft cave-in.

Herc and Auger take the submarine and discover both monsters in a cave under the San Fransisco bay, where a doorway leads to the center of the earth. They can barely escape with their lives and later back at headquarters all four are under attack as Tendril followed them.

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