«I don't think it'll keep the rain out, but it's god for a start.» - Sandra Shore
«Why would one want to keep rain out?» - Redlan
«Obvious, Redlan. So they do not corrode.» - Granock


Earth Corps

  • Herc Armstrong
  • Dr. Derek Bright
  • Auger
  • Johnathon "Liquidator" Slattery
  • Sandra Shore


  • Metlar
  • Tendril
  • D'Compose
  • Slither
  • Gagoyle


  • Redlen
  • Redsun
  • Granock
  • General Granitary
  • Granahue
  • Magnacore (Pyre/Crygen)


  • Blackthorne Shore
  • Senator Masterson
  • Anatoly Kiev / Tank
  • Dr. Manglar / Nightcrawler

Hopefully you will find more detailed info on the characters, when I got more time to write them down and present them in an easy to overview scheme. This might happen today or in the next few years, but it is coming!