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Shameless plugging and beta-reader request

Title:Not a question of faith (working title)
Fandom:The Boondock Saints / Bureau 13
Genre:X-over / Angst/ Drama / Romance / Action
Canon Main Leads:Murphy MacManus, Connor MacManus (Boondock Saints)
Alexander Keltin, Father Jonathan Blank (Bureau 13)
When an extremly vile rapist and murder is freed due to lack of evidence, the MacManus brothers come face to face with pure evil as they stumble into the realm of the supernatural.

Arziel is a demon surviving on earth by possessing humans, some innocent - some not, feeding from human suffering like a vampire from blood. After killing his current host, Connor takes involutarily his place.

Saved by operatives from the Bureau 13, Murphy is for the first time left without his brother, who is trapped in his own body forced to watch helplessly the demon's atrocities.

Having not much of a choice Murphy joins the Bureau 13 hoping that Father Blanks can exorcise the powerful demon if they can catch him alive. Even if that means having to endure Alexander Keltin, a 200-year-old vampire, who is as English, gay and aristrocatic as one can be.