Broken Sword

George Stobbard is an American touring Europe. One day he sits in a cozy little parisian café as it is bombed by an assassin dressed like a clown. After being questioned by the weird Inspector Rosseau, he meets Nicole Collard, a photo journalist, who was about to meet the man killed in the explosion.

She belives that the assassin is responsible for a few more killings in different countries, dressed as a pinguin and a snowman. The police "solves" those crimes almost too fast and the huge disinterest even from the press on this story makes the situation even more suspicious. Being almost killed himself and facing the beautiful Nico, George decides to take matter into his own hands.

Broken Sword II - The smoking mirror

After a involutarily seperation of six month, George flies back to Paris, to meet Nico. His up and on girlfriend takes him to a meeting, where she is kidnapped and George left tied to a chair in a burning house. Not to mention the giant poision spider at his feet.

Meeting old and new friends, George sets out to find Nicole, who is after a drug dealer called Karsac, who's real intentions are much worse than selling drugs.