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The only fanlisting for the "The night of Wishes" by Michael Ende listed at the FanlistingsNetwork under the Literature category.

"Der satanarchäolügenialkohöllische Wunschpunsch" or "The Night of Wishes" as it is called in the English translation is a children's book by the German author Michael Ende. The book has been translated into many languages and if you have enjoyed it in either, please feel free to join.

If you have the book in another language then German, it would be great if you could scan in the cover and maybe tell me how the main characters names have been translated, but just the translated title and country would be swell, too.


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Brandnew Buttons

Posted Sep 13, 2009. Leave a comment?

Now the fanlisting not only got buttons again but freshly made ones and a lot more.

I made them with original German title and the one from the English translation.

New layout for Night of Wishes

Posted Jul 8, 2007. Leave a comment?

Finished coding the new look for this fanlisting, the old one was one of my older ones and I felt that I needed to give this fanlisting a better look. The new one is brownish, height fixed, with images from the German edition published by Thienemann and drawn by Regina Kehn.

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