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The only fanlisting for the costumes from the movie "Van Helsing" listed at thefanlistings.org in the Book/Movie/TV Miscellaneous category.

There are a lot of different costumes in this movie. The bright and cheery costumes of the brides, the stylish dark leather coat of Van Helsing or Dracula's with the military frog closures. Anna's magnificent very memorable red ball dress and of course all the other costumes seen at the masquerade ball. As well as Carl's robes, the heavy rough coat of Frankenstein and many more wore by the minor characters.

If you liked the costumes, feel free to join.


This fanlisting was last updated 06th June 2019 and has a total of 119 members from 19 countries with 0 waiting for approval.

About 0.02 fans per day have joined since the fanlisting was opened on the 25th September 2005.

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Checked all member urls today

Posted Sep 1, 2009. Leave a comment?

It was about time, today I felt not just like updating to show that I am still around and regularly approving members (if there are any new ones—which really happens occasionally).

So I checked all the remaining member urls and not including mine only six urls existed where the members are linking back, a lot of links were completely dead and others are just abandonned pages or do not link back for some reason.

Of course everyone is welcome to put up a button, or provide a new url and sent in an update form.

As I deleted two members, one of who already asked for it due to url change (*waves over to Missy*) and another who used her domain e-mail and that domain is now gone. If you still love these awesome costumes, feel free to join with your new e-mail and site any time!

At this point in time we are exactly 111 members *party*

100 members!

Posted Jun 10, 2008. Leave a comment?

Today we reached the magic three digit number 100. Yeah, so many people like the costumes as well!

Considering I made the listing some time after the movie was out, that says a lot. The costumes are just awesome!

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