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A small fansite for the MacManus Brothers - Connor and Murphy - from the movie "The Boondock Saints" that will hopefully gather a lot more goodies for fans in due time.

This site is run by Barbayat. For now you have some icons, a few wallpapers and the fanlistings (as listed on the The FanlistingsNetwork) at your disposal.

Character infos, fanfic recommendations and a screencap gallery are planned for the future.


Connor and Murphy MacManus

Posted Dec 20, 2007. Leave a comment?

I was sick I forgot to post about this after I finished. Both fanlistings have been moved to a new location. A combined site with a new layout—the fanlists are still seperate which means you have to join twice if you are a fan of both of them.

I also have a few icons up and a wallpaper and maybe more will come till April.


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