Kirill - Profile of a hitman*

Height:6'2" / 188 cm

Weapons:Walther P99
(QPQ finished slide)
Cars:BMW 7 Series 2005 Modell
Hyundai Sonata
Mercedes SUV

Occupation:FSB Agent
Special Assignements
Works for:FSB, Yuri Gretkov
Base of Operation:Moscow

What we know

Yuri Gretkov sends Kirill to Berlin where he kills two men, who wanted to sell the "Nesky Files" to the CIA Operative Pamela Landry. He placed a fingerprint of Jason Bourne at the scene of the crime and returns the files and a huge deal of money to Gretkov. His next objective is to eliminate Bourne, so the CIA would keep looking for him in vain.

In Goa, India where he tries to locate Jason Bourne, Kirill is spotted first. Moments before Kirill reaches Marie, Bourne appears in a car and both flee. When the pursuit in his own car is made impossible by uneven terrain, not suitable for his Hyundai Sonata, Kirill continues on foot with a sniper rifle.

However in the time when he looses eye-contact, Jason and Marie switch seats. From the distance Kirill hits the driver (now Marie) in the head. The car of the two goes over the bridge and he watches the car going under. Thinking that the shot hit Bourne he is certain of his dead and returns to Moscow. In front of the International Airport he has a brief meeting where Gretkov pays him with two bundles of hundred dollar notes.

Days afterwards, Kirill is in a club surrounded by girls drinking high spirited stuff, when one of Gretkov's henchmen asks him to step outside. He doesn't appear to be intoxicated and wants to know why his one month of promised vacation was intruded upon. Gretkov tells him about Bourne being still alive and Kirill goes after him immediately.

Listening into the police radio he catches up with Bourne, who is just passing a road by a river. From the bridge Kirill manages to hit him in the shoulder, but the local police intrudes and Bourne can manage a good headstart. When realising that Kirill is indeed FSB (Secret Service) they let him go, but Bourne manages to steal a taxi cab.

Grabbing a Mercedes SUV Kirill pursues him into a tunnel, where after some minor collisions Bourne manages to slam Kirill's mercedes into the tunnel wall where an exit comes up. The impact severly injured Kirill, for a moment it seems Bourne intends to shoot him, but then walks away.

What we don't know

We actually don't know if Kirill surived the crash, his injuries seem fatal. Naturally we are hoping for the best. Where there is live, there is hope! And we all saw that Kirill was still moving.

What is also somewhat mysterious is how much Kirill actually knew about the whole conspiracy. I seems, despite working for the Secret Service, he was mainly answering for Gretsky. The additional payments and the fact that he could have so much as a month vacation, suggest that he knew and probably did not mind that things weren't exactly legal.

What might happen ...

So taking all that into accord, this is my idea what Kirill's future after the movie looks like.

The ambulance took him to the hospital, where he remained for treatment. But as Gretsky got arrested and Kirill's work for him was more a private effort than a matter of actual state security, he was discarged from service and held accountable for the killing of the informants and Marie - for the sake of international co-operation.

But before he could be transfered to more secure prison facilities, he escaped and decided to use his abilities now on the open market.

A man of few words

Kirill speaks only when he has to, there is a certain air of professionalism around him. He is always very observant about his surroundings, his actions, his behaviour and his level of fitness seems to indicate that he is a man of discipline.

Sometimes saying not much also speaks tons about a character. For example, he never complains or curses throughout the entire movie. When Gretkov asks him why his phone is turned off, he merely points off that he was told that he had a month off. Even when he is told that Bourne isn't dead he doesn't curse, but instead springs to action.

It seems that the manners in which Kirill was trained for his job, did influence his personality and thus his private life a great deal. Maybe he was chosen in the first place, because his personality showed signs that indicated he might become a good hitman.

Drinking during the daytime in a "dark room" club with girls who are obviously prostitutes when he is off-duty is another hint at how his private life might look like. Although no definite conclusion can be made. For example, as it might speak for him being a single, it also could mean, the he just doesn't give a damn about an eventual wife at home. Still I am rather for the single version ...

Despite seeming a little underdeveloped as a character, I think he is a very fascinating person. A somewhat dark character, highly skilled in his profession, with not much of an eventful private life, who takes what he gets and enjoys himself in the same way he works - simply and direct without saying more than is necessary.

Which makes him kind of an ideal "victim" for fanfiction. So if you know of a good one, please let me know.

* The profile is based on info from the movie and the, not just on facts from the movie, but also data from the actor's profile. For example, the actor was around 32 when the movie came out, but the character itself might be older or even younger. Most of the character is a bit of a myserium and we can only guess as to who he really is.