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Welcome to "Breaking Dolph"

The fanlisting for the marvelous actor and action-star "Dolph Lundgren" listed at The FanlistingsNetwork in the Actors category.

From his first well-known part as Drago, the menacing boxer from "Rocky IV" till today he has starred in many fantastic and entertaining action, sci-fi and fantasy movies. Many of his newer movies are written, produced and/or directed by himself giving him more room to show his considerable talent in all those areas and especially as an actor.

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This fanlisting was last updated 06th June 2019 and has a total of 63 members from 22 countries with 0 waiting for approval.

About 0.02 fans per day have joined since the fanlisting was opened on the 17th June 2004 by Hakka. Who let me adopt the listing in March 2009.

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Buttons back and fixed coding

Posted Sep 13, 2009. Leave a comment?

So I re-uploaded all 140 codes from Hakka, the previous owner … I also fixed some of the coding so that the fanlistings is now valid xhtml 1.0.
Now if I only could re-locate the punsiher .gif on my harddrive … but I am afraid I need to re-do it :(

Dolph is up and running!

Posted Mar 10, 2009. Leave a comment?

On Friday I finally got the fanlisting up and running, before I had a chance to sent the moved notice to the members, the moved form from Hakka (thanks, dear) was already processed by the Fanlisting Network.

I hope to get a few extras up in April, when I am not so stressed out with work and feeling better overall.

Please note: on top of the header are two (maybe soon three) gifs that are considerably large. I would like to make one of these for all of Dolph’s movies and make them show up randomly. However I am not sure if this is acceptable for people with a slow connection. For me it loads very fast and I do not know anyone with a slow connection, so please tell me and complain if you think it slows the site down too much.

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