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Uploaded some codes

Posted Mar 20, 2009. Leave a comment?

I am such a moron, I completely forget to upload the codes I already made. So I made some more and uploaded them as well—now I just need to make some for my three favourite sizes: 50×50, 75×50 and 100×50. Should not take too long …

In the meantime I registered at fansfansfans.net with this listing and applied at TML

The dead can dance …

Posted Nov 27, 2008. Leave a comment?

Finally I got the layout up and everything working, now I just need to make a few more codes and upload all of them, sent in the finish form and start hunting for members and affiliates!

Please feel free to join—anyone who joins before I added codes will have their links displayed till I do the next check, which will probably not for a couple of month.

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