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The only fanlisting for all the Agents from "The Matrix Series" listed at the FanlistingsNetwork in the Characters: Book/Movie category.

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About 0.01 fans per day have joined since the fanlisting was opened on 9th June 2004 by Sophie. Who let me adopt the listing on the 2nd January 2006.

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New Layouts, skinned and extras

Posted Oct 12, 2008. Leave a comment?

It was about time that this fanlisting got skinned, so you can choose between a layout featuing the agents from the first movie or the second. I might make more in the future, but for now that’s pretty much it ;)

Additionally there are some extras, like quotes, info on the agents, some random thoughts of mine and a few icons.

Link Check on Agents fanlisting

Posted Nov 3, 2007. Leave a comment?

Removed three members with dead e-mails and a few links as well. Upgraded the about section to FAQs and uploaded the new link back hints to the buttons page

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